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I have written children's books on the theme of Wellness. I am passionate about instilling a positive sense of self to all that I work with and believe that this is the key to overall well being and an empowering outlook on life. During one of my meditations I had a powerful vision of books, with linked themes, based on messages for children, from the use of gratitude to the acceptance of difference to the power of our own thoughts. These books are in a very colourful easy to understand layout and are aimed from 3-6 year olds but have a message for us all. I know when my children were growing up the easiest way the deliver this was through the lovely ritual of story telling. I donate part of the profits of my books to charities as I am very much of the belief of 'giving back'. If you would like to purchase my books, I will attach the links plus keep an eye out for new titles , Warm wishes Martina  

My Books

Grateful Grainne

This is the lovely story of Grainne, who goes throughout her day and realises the joy in every little thing throughout her day. 

This is a wonderful way to introduce your child to the power of Gratitude, an amazingly powerful habit for all of us to adopt.

The books can be bought directly from me


Part of the profits are going to Join our Boys an amazing charity

Amazing Austin

This is a celebration of difference and is written by my 6 year old self who grew up with my Uncle Austin, who had down Syndrome. Part of the profits from these books are going to down Syndrome Galway, who do amazing work.


Again you can purchase from me directly





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