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Reflexology as a Treatment for Fertility

How does it work:

My own success is that having been diagnosed with endometriosis just before training as I reflexologist-I was told that my options as treatment were to go on the pill which hadn't worked for me in the past, or surgery. I was told that my fertility could be affected by this condition. I didn't go on the pill nor did I have surgery, I was pregnant after having my training reflexology sessions-much to my surprise and delight-reflexology is amazing. I now have four children.

For the above reason I do specialise in Fertility Reflexology, and have done post graduate studies in this area.


Working reflexes, combined with the deep relaxation this treatment helps to bring about a powerful healing effect on the physical and non-physical-mind, body and spirit. Reflexology endeavours to restore the body to harmony or homeostatis.

Reflexology is extremely helpful during your journey to conception for both partners due to its powerful impact on stress response, reproductive health and hormonal issues.


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Issues dealt with during Fertility Reflexology

Hormonal Balancing-working on the Endocrine System

  • Hormones are crucial to fertility and health right throughout your life, they control menstrual cycles, your responses to stimuli, control growth, sleep cycles, energy levels amongst a multitude of other things.

  • For various reasons our bodies can start producing too much or too little of any hormone which can have negative effects on both our general health and our fertility health.

  • Reflexology can help by encouraging relaxation which enables balance and by having a direct effect on hormonal glands, which encourages a return to balance.

Female Reproductive Health

Reflexology promotes this relaxed state and by working directly on the hormonal and reproductive system, helping to restore function and increase your chances of conceiving.


  • By stimulating the parts of the feet relating to the reproductive organs and endocrine glands, it is possible to promote greater health and balance in these areas.

  • It can help couples who have been otherwise unable to conceive.  

  • As recent studies have shown that sub-fertility is affecting both men and women in equal numbers.

  • Reflexology has been known to aid in certain conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, irregular periods or ovulation and stress related fertility issues to name but a few.

Male Reproductive Health

So much focus is given to the woman at this time, but it is important to remember that the man is just as responsible for a successful pregnancy as the woman.

  • Just like a woman, stress affects your male reproductive system.

  • As explained already when we are stressed, our body prioritizes other functions so we can quickly assess and react to challenges.

  • In this state our reproductive, digestive and repair functions are paused.

  • When we relax, energy is diverted to these areas.

  • Reflexology helps by promoting this relaxed state and by working directly on your hormonal system and reproductive system, helping to restore function and health and increase your chances of conceiving.

  • Nutrition and regular exercise are both vital components to health and overall well being of prospective parents.

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