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A Holistic Way to Improving your Health.

What is Reflexology

Reflexology is a specific pressure technique applied to the feet where all the internal body structures and organs are mapped or mirrored in miniature.

On the feet are reflex points which correspond to different organs of the body and by pressing or working on one of these points the corresponding organ is treated.

If crystals or tenderness is felt in a certain area it is an indication of a blockage or imbalance in the corresponding organ or body parts.

Crystals are waste deposits made up of excess calcium and uric acid that build up when the metabolism is not working correctly. As a reflexologist I will spend time working on these crystals and sensitive areas using the thumbs and sometimes fingers to help release the blockages and break down the deposits so they can be eliminated by the body.

Reflexology is a a very safe, relaxing and non invasive -meaning that the area being treated is being treated not at the site of pain but from the hand/foot which is so helpful particularly when you are dealing with alot of pain and sensitivty. It's aim is to help the body to heal itself and to maintain a balanced state of health.



“I brought my two boys to Martina a number of times over the last few years and she was fantastic with them. My eldest suffers badly each year from hayfever which effects his chest and Martina performed her magic to ease the symptoms. She even showed me how to do some home treatments with him to alleviate symptoms when they first appear which has helped a lot. She is always there to offer advice and follows up post treatment to see how they are doing. Would highly recommend her!’

Benefits of Reflexology
Benefits of Reflexology(to name but a few)
  • Reduces stress and induces deep relaxation

  • Improves nerve functioning and blood supply throughout the body

  • Help with emotional problems for e.g. anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia

  • Boosts the immune system to help prevent colds, flus and infection

  • Helps with numerous womens issues from PMS, infertility, pregnancy to menopausal symptoms

  • Helps the digestive system and helps ease symptoms of IBS

  • Eases headaches and migraines

  • Helps the respiratory system, eases the symptoms of asthma, bronchitis and helps remove mucus build up with its expectorants qualities

  • Aids the elimination of toxins and waste products so that toxins do not have a chance to build up to harmful levels in the liver, kidneys or bowel

  • Revitalises energy by relaxing and opening up energy pathways

  • Stimulates creativity and productivity. Reflexology restores mental alertness and improves the attention span by reducing tension and calming the mind

  • Normalises the body functioning and balances the whole system. For the body to be healthy, everything must work together(hence the term holistic where the body is treated as a whole on every level)

Grainne Kennedy

Martina makes you feel so relaxed from the word go. She focuses on the entire pattern of the reflexology therapy, starting at the toes and working down the foot. You just never want to leave. I Highly recommend Martina if you want to leave all your stress behind.

Maggie Doorey

No negative side effects are known only the benefits!
No negative side effects are known only the benefits!

A detailed consultation and history is obtained from my clients on the first visit which is normally slightly longer than subsequent visits-a treatment is normally 45 mins but this can vary depending on the client all in all you would be with me for an hour.


I have included a video here just to give a small insight into what a a reflexology treatment is all about-have a look and see what you think


some of the feedback I get is after a treatment:

I am so relaxed after

I feel so much calmer

I feel so energised

My digestion has improved

my skin is so much clearer-I didn't get a break out this month-like I always do

I have slept so much deeper since I began treatments

Reflexology is holistic healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually

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