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Check out some of the feedback from past clients detailing how I've helped improve their health, overall lifestyle and wellbeing. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment and start your own healing process.

What My Clients Say

I didnt want to go out as my skin was so red and itchy and I was swollen 

I went to Martina when I was very down on myself, I didn't want to go out. I had red blotchy itchy skin, my body was swollen and I had been told by my doctor that this was possibly the way I was going to be indefinitely, as they felt I was allergic to something and prescribed long term anti histamines. I had ten sessions twice weekly, I couldn't believe the transformation, I now have no swelling, no red, no itch, no anti histamines, I am so grateful to Martina, I go for monthly treatments, I love the relaxation and I have my life back, wow!

Fertility Treatment

I have just discovered that after nearly two years I am pregnant. I am beyond thrilled and excited and you are one of the first I have shared this joy with. Thanks so much for your treatments, you were so kind, encouraging and reassuring. IVF was my next option, I am delighted to have tried reflexology and you first. 

Mum of 3 year old with constipation and poor sleep pattern

After the first session I noticed an improvement, she went from being a terrible sleeper to sleeping nights and even if she does wake she goes back to sleep almost immediately. She has no more constipation which was accompanied with lots of distress. Martina was very good with her and she felt so at ease. Lovely place and I would highly recommend.


The cabin is warm and inviting as is Martina. I had several sessions and noticed in a very relaxed and gentle way my PMS symptoms-which I have had for most of my life were alleviated-I went from being very emotional a week before my period and having extreme body temp changes -to having none of these uncomfortable effects-its like my body has gone back to balance. Overall I feel more at peace, happy and well since my reflexology, I cant wait to return, Martina is amazing at what she does thank you Martina

I had decided to try something holistic for my well being. I found Martina a wonderful listener and serene space so calming and welcoming. I find I am more energetic, and am uplifted after each treatment. I have committed to having a monthly session, me time. I feel like a weight has lifted every time I go, I am so glad you found me 

Me time

Thanks so much Martina for your wonderful Reiki sessions over the past couple of years, I feel like a new and improved me, sleeping better, calmer, more relaxed you are amazing.

Reiki Time -transformational

Reiki -helped my menopause

Where do I start with Reiki and this fantastic therapist. Martina is such a fantastic, calming and generous guru! She helped me so much in these past years with her healing hands. I was struggling with hot flushes, no sleep, extreme itching and now that's no more-book an appt today!

Indian Head Massage

I had bad sinus, and such tenderness in my head. I had a fabulous treatment with Martina, it was deeply relaxing and I really felt great relief from the throbbing in my head, I cant wait to have more

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