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Reflexology as a Treatment during Pregnancy

What is it?

Reflexology is a wonderful therapy that can be used safely during pregnancy, labour and post pregnancy.


Some women may be fearful of having reflexology during pregnancy but you may be reassured that some maternity wards in Ireland actually have reflexologists speak at ante natal classes explaining the benefits of reflexology during and after pregnancy.

In my own experience many of the ladies I have trained with have been midwives and see reflexology so beneficial in this area that they trained themselves in this area.

It can be really helpful for the following conditions:


  • Constipation and Indigestion

  • Odema/Water Retention

  • Nausea

  • Sciatica, Back Ache

  • Urinary Tract Infections

  • Sinusitis, Head Colds and Headaches

  • Leads to better Sleep and more Energy Levels

  • Decreases Stress Levels and Anxiety

  • Reflexology can help induce labour naturally. Prepares the body for labour by balancing the body's systems, especially the endocrine system which is responsible for the secretion of many important hormones.





I always recommend that you check with your doctor/consultant or midwife that they are happy for you to have a treatment before you start.

​You should make sure to check that your reflexologist is qualified in Maternity Reflexology before you start treatments.



Reflexology can be used during Labour with the following results:

  • The length of labour can be very much reduced by having regular treatments in the weeks prior to your expectant delivery date

  • Reflexology can be used during labour to help boost energy levels and aid muscle relaxation between contractions

  • It can stimulate the production of natural endorphins during labour

  • After birth studies have found that babies treated with reflexology throughout pregnancy are very calm, suckle better and are less prone to colic.



After the birth of your baby you may be feeling tired and a little over whelmed with the responsibility of this new little bundle! You may benefit from a gentle reflexology treatment at this very special but busy time and it is beneficial in more ways than one!



It can help with the following:

  • Replace Energy Loss

  • Aid Mother’s Milk Flow

  • Post Natal Depression

  • New Stresses & Anxieties

  • Re-Energises the Body

  • Helps Uterus Return to Original State

When can I have a Reflexology treatment if I am pregnant?

Reflexology and Labour

After Labour/Delivery

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